The best time to visit Corfu Island is different for everyone. There are, however, some generalisations to be made.

Some people would argue that Corfu is best in the winter when it is more quiet and the colours change more often. Long walks on quiet beaches and endless Sunday lunches in front of warm fires.

Spring is perhaps difficult not to like. Corfu Island is famous for its natural beauty and so it is a wonder to watch trees and flowers come into bloom, the birds arrive for the warm summer season that even includes pink flamingos and the snow melt on the distant mainland mountain tops.

Corfu Island is famous for its Easter celebrations that are said to be the best in Greece. Music fills the air throughout the Easter week with many religious processions and festivities as well as people wanting to be part of this visiting the island.

Summer is the time when most people are able to take time out and go on holiday. Corfu is an ideal destination for families as well as young people wanting to have fun. Here you will find some of the cleanest and safest beaches in the Mediterranean with many activities for both young and old.

Autumn is preferred by many return visitors to Corfu Island as well as those that don’t do too well in the intense summer heat. The sunlight is golden and the sea is at its warmest. There is less traffic on the roads and but there is always the chance of an autumn thunder storm.

If it is a good year warm sunny swimming weather continues well into October. Corfu Golden Travel can help you find the best accommodation at competitive prices and we can advise you on creating a holiday plan that will make the most out of your holiday time.

We look forward to helping you with your holiday choices.