Corfu Sunset Cruise

It wouldn’t be right to not visit the islands capital, Corfu town, during your holidays in Corfu.

Corfu town is a maze of narrow streets dominated by the 16th century fortress. Around every corner you can find a chapel, old mansion, or secret garden square. There are hundreds of restaurants and shops to choose from, there is something for everyone, be it the old Jewish quarter or the designer row shops in the old town.

The café at the Liston square is a must, it was built by the French and is identical to those in Rue de Rivoli, in Paris; it is the ideal place to shop and enjoy a ginger beer only made on the island of Corfu. It was introduced to the island by the British; they also introduced cricket to the island, which was played on the pitch opposite.

Facing the Liston Esplanade is the Old Fortress which was built between the sixteenth and nineteenth century. The church of St. Spiridon, home to the islands patron saint, is located just behind the Liston.

The church is impressive and worth visiting, if you are lucky the coffin is sometimes open and you can see the saint himself.

It is good luck to kiss his red satin slippers, not for the faint hearted, make sure you are dressed suitably to go inside any churches.

Your journey will be pleasant as we provide an air-conditioned coach and make only a few stops on the way. A great chance to see the beautiful Corfu coastline, a must do while visiting Corfu.